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Forex CRM | Back Office System

Syntellicore is a fexible CRM system developed exclusively for Forex Brokerages and White Labels who are dedicated to offering a higher level of Customer and IB Experience. Syntellicore can be customised to your exact business model and be optimised to match your existing procedures.

Lead Management

Increase sales, save time, and grow your business by improving prospect and customer experiences through all existing touch points of your business

Integration with trading platforms (e.g. MT4, MT5)

Seamless two way integration with trading platforms, such as MT4 and MT5, in combination with the "single wallet" concept integrating a single customer profile with multiple trading platforms and multiple trading accounts. Syntellicore Forex CRM gives you full access to trading information such as consolidated customer balances, customer transactions and risk indicators.

Customer / Account Management

Managing your customers becomes easier and more efficient than ever before. Keep your customers happy and loyal by maintaining top level support throughout your business.

Maintain Compliance

Control information flow and account opening procedures using advanced intelligent risk detection filtering tools. Control compliance documents uploaded from the Traders Room using Workflow Engine. Provide status reports, improve operations and organise information. Have it ready when required.

Marketing Automation

Syntellicore Marketing Automation Auto Responder module is configurable via a modern, user friendly control panel.  Emails/SMS messages can be sent based on intelligent criteria. You will be able to set a combination of criteria for following up with your leads and customers in a modern, personalized, intelligent, targetted way.

Dynamic Reporting

Generate various valuable reports using the advanced configurable Reporting Tools provided. Use rich and fully customizable dashboards to visualize comparisons, manage risk and compliance, view patterns and trends in sales, as well as in marketing. Every report you will ever need can be accommodated within your Forex CRM.

Multi-level IB support

Increase the growth and potential of your company by being able to offer IB multi-level commission structure. Recruiting IBs is the fastest  way to grow your business and network. By offering multi-level IB commissions you motivate your Partners in business and you accelerate your growth.

Information Security

Your customer information is your most valuable asset! You now have the option to keep critical customer data in a secure environment and with a trusted vendor within your premises or on our highest security hosted environment. Dynamic Works is certified with ISO9001 and ISO27001 for Information Security.